Cytometry and Antibody Technology


Learn the latest news about the CAT Facility and tips for learning flow cytometry. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section of each post. The comment section will be moderated for tone and content.

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Long live the Listserv; Death to the Listserv.

Good ole listservs (or listserves or list serves, if you will).  A staple in the academic's toolbox of communication technologies.  But the question is, how useful are they in today's hyper-connected, socially-networked, always-on environment?  Here we'll touch on...


Fluorish vs. Chromocyte… READY, FIGHT!

One of the more difficult tasks people encounter when they start making multicolor flow cytometry panels is the process of finding antibodies, and knowing which fluorochromes to use.  There's the primary task of finding the specific antibodies you want to use in a...


7 Habits of a Highly Successful Core Facility

I know, I know, another spin on the "7 Habits..." meme, but hey, reserve your judgement until you've read through them.  This post is definitely geared towards core facilities, but I think you'll find this transcends to multiple service oriented businesses.  Let me...

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