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What Else is on the Internets? – The Can Opener Bridge

by | Dec 3, 2021 | What Else is on the Internets? | 0 comments

In the next few weeks, we’ll post about the newest flow cytometry equipment acquired in the CAT Facility. They include the ThermoFisher Bigfoot cell sorter, the Agilent Penteon, the Moxi V cell counter, and we’ll say a few words about the upgraded plate loader on the Cytek Aurora. We’ll also revisit the MACSQuant Tyto cell sorter, which recently had a software upgrade which made it pretty awesome. Some of these instruments have been in use for a while now, but we never actually got around to introducing them properly. They are all pretty exciting pieces of equipment, and we hope they will serve you well. We’re also updating the website to include more information about the instruments, proper user guides, troubleshooting tips and what-nots – so more content will continuously be added. Let us know if there’s something that you’d like to see.

In the meantime, here is the second edition of ‘What Else is on the Internets?’. Today, we’re looking at the 11FOOT8(+*) bridge. One can spend a lot of time pondering the meaning of life while watching this bridge neatly scrape off the roof of trucks. It’s very zen.


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