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Introducing EasyPanel at the CAT Facility

by | Dec 10, 2022 | Announcements, Review, Software | 2 comments

The main thing that struck me during the 2022 ChUG Cytometry Workshop held in November is the incredible amount of tools that were developed over the last few years to make of flow cytometry lives easier. Amongst them is the EasyPanel online algorithm that rapidly suggests optimized panels for traditional and spectral Flow Cytometry. The CAT Facility just got a subscription and we are pleased to offer the tools to the UoC research community at the UoC.

Why use EasyPanel? EasyPanel calculates the complexity and overall similarity indexes to optimize the pairing of your markers with its up-to-date list of fluorophores. From there, it suggests a number of publications related to your panel so you can get more technical information. Finally it allows you to report on the quality of the panel suggested, and write a review of the antibodies that you used so they can be reviewed by the EasyPanel community.

This makes panel design much easier, and we’re happy to make this tool available to our users. Create your free account using one of your email address (including most suffixes: bsd, medicine, etc).

Here’s our short video introduction. EasyPanel is updated with new features regularly, so let us know when this video is completely obsolete!!




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  1. I used this tool (EasyPanel) to design a large panel on our Aurora and yeah, it came up with a really good one (very low similarity scores) in a couple minutes.
    Tested their panel and the signal to noise was way better than with my panel (designed painstakingly manually).

    Would be great if they could also a add Abcam antibodies because I haven’t seen them.

    • Hi Peter,
      Happy to hear this. EP has been responsive to my comments and suggestions, so you should definitely let them know about needing the Abcam catalog!


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