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COVID-19 Resources:

Thank you to all the pathology staff who are working to support and protect patients, themselves, and others during this pandemic.

Below is a quick reference guide for Grossing Precautions and PPE to be donned during the processing of Surgical Pathology and Autopsy specimens, as well as links to additional resources:

Required-PPE-2020-04-03 (image below)


Courtesy Rachel Poon & Charlene Gettings.

AAPA list of resources, including links to CDC

Updated 04-03-2020 NAC

Welcome to Gross Pathology!

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It is our pleasure to present this site as a resource for gross room staff and surgical pathologists. Most principles of gross pathology outlined in these pages are generalizable to most labs, however, some items are specific to The University of Chicago. We hope this site will serve as an aid to prosectors both within and without our institution, and we welcome comments and suggestions from all!

Surgical Pathology is a clinical service oriented to patient care. The surgical pathology staff and faculty are responsible for meeting the needs of our patients and physicians, and it is imperative that specimens be handled appropriately and expeditiously so that reports can be signed out accurately and in a reasonable amount of time.

Remember that there is always an Attending Frozen Section Pathologist on call, as well as Subspecialty Attendings, who should be consulted if difficulties or problems arise.

We welcome your insights and constantly strive to improve this body of work. For email updates, please subscribe on the right. Many thanks and happy grossing,

Nicole Cipriani, MD
Co-Director of Surgical Pathology
Director of Anatomic Pathology Informatics

Sarah Rose, PA

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