1. Weigh and measure specimen, including measurements of normal adrenal gland and tumor.
  2. Orient the specimen.  Ink the entire outer surface/capsule.
  3. Serially section to include interface between normal adrenal gland and tumor.
  4. Photograph cut surface.
  5. NOTIFY A PA if specimen arrives between 8 am and 7 pm, and they can assist in specimen triage.  ALWAYS take the following FRESH tissue if a PA is not available:
    • Snap freeze 2 viable pieces. Ideal size is 1 gram each. Wrap tissue in foil. Label a megacassette, and place foil-wrapped tissue inside. Submerge in LN2 for 5 minutes. Then, remove using forceps and place in diagnostic box in the -80 freezer. Log specimens into frozen tissue log book on top of freezer. Notify a PA that there is a specimen in the freezer.
    • Place a portion in RPMI, if feasible (less critical than snap-freeze if tumor is small; RPMI may not be stored routinely in gross room; please ask tech/PA). Store in refrigerator.
    • Specimen can be fixed overnight following tissue collection.


  1. Measure size of tumor and it’s involvement of adjacent structures.
  2. Sample extensively, including tumor with adjacent adrenal, peripheral and central sections, any hemorrhage/necrosis, any lymph nodes.
  3. Don’t forget to state the above tissue collections (snap freeze, RPMI) in the gross description.

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