Kidney Biopsy

Auto text: “Insert Kidney Biopsy”

Kidney Biopsy for Tumor (GU service)

  • Usually arrives already in formalin.
  • Ensure that the part type is kidney biopsy for tumor.
  • Count pieces and submit entirely in mesh bag, staining with eosin.

Kidney Biopsy for Medical Disease (Renal service)

Native Kidney and Post-Transplant Kidney (In-house and outside)

  1. There will be 2 or 3 containers: 1 formalin, 1 Michel’s or Zeus fixative, and/or 1 glutaraldehyde.
  2. Filter the core(s) in formalin into mesh bag(s) and submit all.
  3. Place the Zeus or Michel’s (IF) and glutaraldehyde tissues (EM) in the refrigerator (2-8 degrees) for pick up by histology.

In-House Donor Kidney for Transplant

  1. Place core or wedge biopsies in formalin for light microscopy.
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