Adrenal Gland

Auto text: “Insert Adrenal”


  1. If NEOPLASTIC: Weigh, Measure in 3D, and Ink outer surface
  2. If NON-NEOPLASTIC: Weigh and Measure AFTER removal of adventitial fat. No need to ink.
  3. If adrenalectomy is for neuroblastoma, please see the Neuroblastoma Page in the Peds & Perinatal Section.
  4. For tumors, overnight formalin fixation is appropriate.


  1. Serially section to include normal adrenal and tumor.
  2. Measure size and describe appearance of all nodules and/or masses.
  3. Describe sharpness of nodule margins.
  4. Describe adrenal cortex layering and relationship to nodules or tumors.
  5. Take representative sections of tumor to margin, adjacent adrenal gland, kidney, or any other nearby structures.
  6. Submit any lymph nodes.

Cortical Adenoma


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