Reduction / Reconstruction

Auto Text: “Insert Breast Reduction”


  1. Weigh.
  2. Measure in three dimensions, noting anterior-posterior, superior-inferior, medial-lateral, if the specimen is oriented.
  3. Measure skin ellipse.
  4. Prospective formalin fixation is not required. Please gross these cases the day of receipt.


  1. Serially section, noting any lesions.  Submit lesions in the usual manner and describe their relation to the tissue and each other.
  2. Normally, there will be no lesions. A representative sections of fibrous breast parenchyma (1 cassette) and skin (1 cassette) is sufficient
  3. If the patient has a history of breast cancer, or BRCA mutation, take 4 additional sections of fibrous breast parenchyma.
  4. For ALL breast cases, dictate the following: Tissue fixed for at least 6 hours in 10% NBF and no more than 72 hours. (Auto Text: “Insert Breast Fixation”)
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