Breast Core Biopsies

Auto Text: “Insert Breast Biopsy”


  1. Only submit cores that have been placed in formalin before 2:30 pm, in order to ensure minimum fixation time of 6 hours (the remainder are held for the next day).  The time should be written on the specimen container.  If no time is on the container, then only submit specimens received in the lab by 2:30 pm.
  2. Ensure that the specimen is in a container in which the volume of formalin is 10-times the volume of the tissue.


  1. Count number of cores.
  2. Measure length/diameter of each.
  3. Place 2 to 3 cores in each cassette, on blue sponges.
  4. Submit all tissue.
  5. All breast skin biopsies to rule out inflammatory carcinoma should be designated as FNB biopsies.
  6. Review the requisition (white sheet) for any special IHC requests (e.g. “Perform FISH by IHC”). Be sure to dictate these, if applicable, into the clinical history.
  7. For ALL breast specimens, dictate the following: Tissue fixed for at least 6 hours in 10% NBF and no more than 72 hours. (Auto Text: “Insert Breast Fixation”)
  8. Submit on ROUTINE processing run (not biopsy).
  9. If sent for rush processing, follow instructions for RUSH or PRIORITY cases.

Updated 06-05-2021 NAC

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