Oral Biopsies

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  • Oral biopsies received for Dr. Lingen’s outreach service are identified by the unique requisition sheet (white paper with oral anatomy diagrams).
  • They are usually received in formalin.
  • In addition to the standard clinical history and procedure dictation, please remember to dictate the PreOp and PostOp diagnoses into the Clinical History.
  • Rules of thumb:
    • Bisect anything larger than 0.3 cm.
    • For mucosal ellipses, bisect along the longitudinal axis if the narrowest mucosal dimension is > 0.3 cm.
    • If received in Michele’s fixative, they should be submitted for immunofluorescence.  If you encounter these specimens, please notify a gross room technician for proper specimen processing.
    • Intact normal teeth do not need to be submitted. IF the clinical history is suggestive of a bony or tooth-forming lesion (odontoma, cementoma, cementoblastoma, cemento-osseous dysplasia, ossifying fibroma, other), then the tooth tissues should be submitted after decalcification.
    • Bone should always be submitted.
    • If the entire case requires decalcification:
      • For Ameloblastoma or Malignancies (known or suspected), always use EDTA
      • For benign lesions/neoplasms (odontoma, cementoma, cementoblastoma, cemento-osseous dysplasia, ossifying fibroma, other), use HCl
      • If unsure, please, contact the attending or fellow to determine the extent of HCl vs EDTA

Updated 5-3/2021 NAC/SRR

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