Neuro Biopsy or Resection

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General Info

  1. Immediately call the Neuropath attending on-call upon receipt of all neuropath specimens (tumors, seizure focuses, etc).
  2. All specimens, following attending review, should be fixed in formalin prior to submission.
  3. With the exception of larger resections or seizure focuses, all neuro cases should be submitted the same day as receipt. 
    1. Larger resections should be on the BIGS runs (4pm or 7pm).
    2. FNB biopsies can be submitted on the BIOPSY runs.


  1. For small biopsies (less than 0.2 cm in aggregate) or tissue cores, separate the specimens into at least 2 cassettes, both with 10 Level FNB protocol.
  2. For meningioma resections: sample the surface of the tumor well.
  3. For seizure focus resections, submit the ENTIRE specimen after overnight fixation.
  4. For other resections, review the specimen with the neuropathology attending (pager 9502) prior to submission.
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