Cervical / Vaginal / Vulvar Biopsies

Auto text: “Insert Cervical Biopsy”


  • Cervix/Vagina:
    • Measure and entirely submit.
  • Vulva:
    • Punch:
      • Identify epithelial surface and lesion. Measure dimensions of cylinder and lesion. Describe lesion.
      • If punch is 3 mm or less in diameter, submit without sectioning.
      • If punch is 4 mm or more in greatest dimension, bisect and submit entirely: If lesion is small, divide punch biopsy down the long axis at the edge of the lesion. Embed cut surface down. (Never cut through the middle of a small lesion in a punch biopsy. When the halves are embedded and the block faced, you risk losing the lesion.)
    • Incisional: Measure dimensions and lesion. Serially section and submit all.
    • Excisional: See Skin Excision in the Skin section for detailed instructions.
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