Tissue Banking

Tissue banking (biospecimen banking) is the process of collecting and storing human tissue and/or blood samples for the purposes of scientific research. The tissue and blood are stored in a way that does not interfere with the diagnostic process and allows researchers to have a very high quality sample with which to conduct their research.

The Pathologists Assistants in the gross room are responsible for banking tissue for research protocols. Designated specimens are flagged for tissue banking at the accession desk.  If the entire piece of tissue needs to be frozen for intraoperative consultation, banking of that specimen is not done.  If adequate tissue remains, the PA will decide whether banking is appropriate.  In the case of large specimens that need triage, either a resident or a PA can triage the specimen.  Once the tumor is exposed, the PA should be notified that the specimen is ready for banking.

No references to biobanking should be included in the gross or clinical description. To identify if a case had tissue procured for research, refer to any attached ‘pink sheet’ on the paper requisition. If the banked tissue is needed for diagnosis, contact the HTRC for sample acquisition.

For additional information on the Human Tissue Resource Center, please visit their website.

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