Lung Biopsy

Auto text: “Lung Biopsy”

Clinical Info

These specimens may consist of endobronchial, transbronchial, or needle core biopsies. Often they are post-transplant or from an immunocompromised host.


  1. If the tissue is core biopsies: Submit ONE intact core per cassette, between sponges. Use multiple cassettes if needed.
  2. If the tissue is endobronchial or transbronchial biopsies: filter into a mesh bag and submit in one cassette.
  3. If an infectious agent such as mycobacterium, fungus or CMV are clinically suspected, order these special stains while grossing (AFB, GMS, CMV).
  4. If the requisition states the biopsy was taken post transplant, confirm the protocol is “Lung, transplant biopsy”.  These cases have automatic special stains ordered up front (CMV and C4d).
  5. If the requisition states the biopsy was taken for molecular markers, confirm the protocol is “Biopsy for Molecular Testing” and that only one H&E level will be cut in histology.
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