Core Biopsy (General / NOS)

Auto Text: “Insert Core Biopsy”

Unless a core biopsy has other specific instructions per organ system, please use the following as general guidelines:


  • Submit ONE intact core per cassette, between sponges. Use multiple cassettes if needed.
  • If core is calcified and molecular testing is anticipated (this should be assumed for all core biopsies), isolate these fragments in a separate cassette(s), fix, and then decalcify in EDTA. Ask PAs if assistance is required. Be be sure to include “following EDTA decalcification” in your cassette summary and to add the “Decalcification” charge to a block in CaseBuilder.
  • Histology Protocols:
    • If biopsy is for molecular testing: make sure protocol is for 1 H&E Level ONLY.
    • In other cases, for ONE of the cassettes: make sure histology protocol is for a 10 Level FNB biopsy (i.e. Levels 1 and 10 should be H&E-stained slides, Levels 2 through 9 should be unstained slides). Ask the front desk to change the protocol if you need help. Ask an attending if you are unsure if FNB protocol is needed.
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