Peritoneal Mesothelioma

Auto text: “Insert peritoneal mesothelioma”

Triage & Gross

  1. Weigh and measure in 3 dimensions.
  2. Measure maximal thickness of tumor.
  3. Measure volume: There is a graduated cylinder in the gross room, that can be filled with water to a designated volume. Submerge the specimen, and record the amount of water displacement.
  4. Photograph.
  5. Most specimens come unoriented. Some come oriented at the diaphragmatic margin.
    1. Measure attached diaphragm, if present.
    2. ONLY ink if margins are indicated.
  6. If there is obvious tumor: submit a total of 15-20 tumor sections from the ENTIRE PATIENT (ALL SPECIMENS COMBINED).
    1. If diaphragmatic margin is present, submit nearest approach to margin.
  7. If there is no obvious tumor AND the patient has been treated: submit 5-10 sections per specimen (i.e. per container).

New 02-03-2020 NAC

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