Cytogenetic analysis (karyotyping) can be attempted on fresh tissue in cases of possible hematopoietic neoplasms or, rarely, solid tumors.

Cancer Cytogenetics Lab:


Lab director: Michelle LeBeau, PhD
Lab contact: 2-9153

  • Try to maintain STERILITY as much as possible during collection of tissue for cytogenetics.
  • For Lymphoma Work-Ups, please view detailed instructions here.
  • Obtain a vial of RPMI+PenStrep from the refrigerator and affix an LIS label onto the vial.
  • Obtain fresh tissue (at least 0.5 cubic centimeter) from the tumor or area of interest.
  • Place tissue into vial, fill out cytogenetics request form, and inform the accession desk that tissue is ready for cytogenetics.

In Lymphoma Work-Ups, tissue may also be taken for flow cytometry.  Please view detailed instructions here.

Clinical Cytogenetics Lab:


* Solid tumor karyotyping is not routinely performed and should only be requested on rare occasion on a research basis only, as requested by the attending pathologist.

Lab Director: Carrie Fitzpatrick, PhD (pager 2548)
Chief Technologist: Kristin Petras (2-6203)

  • Lab accepts fresh tissue for karyotyping: fetal skin and products of conception are accepted on a regular basis; solid tumors are accepted on rare occasion for research purposes only.
  • Fresh tissue is necessary for routine Cytogenetics and tissue culture.   Fixed or frozen tissue may not be accepted.  Please call the lab for more information on specimen and test requirements.
  • Sterile media cups (see above) are stored in the gross room refrigerator.  Additional cups, requisitions for testing, and skin biopsy kits will be provided by the Cytogenetics laboratory upon request. Place tissue the sterile media cups and affix appropriate LIS label. Alternatively, place tissue in a sterile container, covering tissue with sterile saline. Affix a note to the container labeled “Attn: Cytogenetics.”
  • Samples received between 8 AM – 5 PM, M-F:  Call the laboratory at 2-6203 to inform them that a specimen is pending (if no answer, leave voicemail and page 6936). Provide patient name, test requested (karyotype), and tumor site. Tube the specimen to J-601 (#461), where it will be held in the 4°C fridge until picked up by a member of the Constitutional Cytogenetics Lab.
  • Samples received after hours:  Place tissue in media cup or sterile saline and store at 4°C. Call the laboratory at 2-6203 and leave a voicemail including the patient name, testing requested, and tumor site. The next working day, tube the specimen to J-601 (#461), where it will be held in the 4°C fridge until picked up by a member of the Constitutional Cytogenetics Lab. If immediate attention is required page or email lab director (, pager 2548) or lab manger (pager 6936).

Note:  Bone marrow and other specimens for hematological malignancies must go to the Cancer Cytogenetics laboratory in the department of Medicine (see above). 

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